Tips for Choosing an Airbnb for Your Family
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10 Tips for Less-Stress Airplane Travel with Baby

Several years ago, on Crew’s first international flight when he was 8 months old I was seated between two large men, one of them with a horrible cough. As the plane got ready to takeoff Crew was...

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When It Feels Like the Clouds Will Never Part

I’ve had headaches and eventually, officially migraines for almost as long as I can remember. This comes as a surprise to a lot of people because I have tried SO incredibly hard to not let these migra

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Lucky to Be Alive

8 years ago my little brother and I were talking on my parents' deck one morning when we heard barking, yelping, growling, hissing and other obvious signs of distress from two animals in the wooded...

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People are always wondering how we afford to travel full-time and many people assume we’re “rolling in dough” as Travis Timmons put it in a podcast episode I did with him while we were in Costa Rica —

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