Goodbye Comfort, Hello Growth

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Sarah Fischer
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You know that scene in Indiana Jones where he has to step out onto the invisible bridge? He can’t see it but he believes and is certain that it’s there? Well I keep seeing that scene in my mind. I feel like we are at a similar point. For a long time Colby and I have both felt that there was a path for us. Something we were intended to do. Something that would help us grow immensely as individuals and as a family and something that would allow us to share our story. We’ve been trying to figure it out for a long time, but I think we’ve finally found it. And now here we are at the edge of a terrifying and exhilarating precipice, ready to leave all comfort and safety behind, sure there is a path ahead, just hoping we’re about to step onto it.

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We’re about to embark on a grand adventure together. If you know us you know we love to travel and have made it a priority to our family from day one, starting with our adventures together in Taiwan when we were dating. For a long time we’ve toyed with the idea of traveling with our kids for a summer, or a month or two, but when Colby started working from home full-time earlier this year it became a real possibility. Starting this December we’re headed to Costa Rica with our 3 young kids, Zoe — almost 5, Crew — almost 4 and Marley — 4 months. Our plan is to stay in Costa Rica for a month and then hop on a plane for somewhere else. We’re leaving our families that we so love. We’re renting our house that is very much home. We’re leaving the neighbors, friends and community we adore. We’re selling everything we own because we have a hunch that the saying “less is more” just might be true. We’re on a quest to learn lots of things new and anxious to share it with you as we do. (Find out where we’re headed and follow along with our adventures on Instagram @lostbells and YouTube @thelostbells or check out our website at

What is the purpose?

Growth. Growth is the reason. But gosh growth can be hard and uncomfortable sometimes, even downright painful. But most of the time, like a little child growing a little each day, we don’t even notice it. So how do we make it less painful? Roll with it. Don’t fight it. Look inside and help it happen.

So what changes are awaiting you to be made? What bold words are just hanging there, waiting to be said? What risks are waiting anxious for you to take?

Look inside and find them. Let go of fear and step blindly forward with faith.

God will catch you if you fall.

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